November 2020 Upcoming events: Back on Track Network

Back on Track Network is a career support ministry established to provide spiritual, motivational, and practical support to people who face career challenges. Our mission is inspired and guided by “Laborem Exercens” the Papal encyclical published in 1981 by John Paul II:”Man’s life is built up every day from work, from work it derives its specific dignity, but at the same time work contains the unceasing measure of human toil and suffering. “


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Love Has No Labels

Love Has No Labels is a movement to promote diversity, equity and inclusion of all people across race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability. We believe love is the most powerful force to overcome bias, discrimination and racism. We encourage people to fight for equality and justice because we know, together, we can create a free and inclusive world.

Need a break from Covid19? Take a look at this during your lunch break

I miss going to the happiest place on earth Walt Disney World! Especially EPCOT Center where I can see one my favorite countries’ film-Impressions de France. On YouTube there are many versions of this beautifully directed and musically incredible film but found this version to be stable and high quality.

Merci, Au Revoir!

Impressions de France wikipedia

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Do you know your top 5 strengths?

Wow, I just went through the Clifton Strengthsfinder (paid version) to find out what are my top 5 strengths. It breaks it down by supplying you the meaning and questions for you to maneuver through your strengths. Here’s the free version-good luck!
Note: HIGH5 is on a mission: Changing the world by helping people understand and appreciate themselves and each other. 

The HIGH5 strengths test represents a major step towards reaching this mission. It enables people to discover their strengths and, thus, to become the best version of themselves and to start living the best version of their lives.