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At Dogstreet Roasting Company, we are on a mission to save abandoned and stray dogs nationwide through ethically sourced coffee and products.

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Go and see the new documentary on St. Teresa of Calcutta

Tickets are on sale now for MOTHER TERESA: NO GREATER LOVE, a documentary that tells the inspirational story of one of the world’s most revered saints, Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The film will be released in select theaters nationwide Monday, Oct. 3, and Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2022. Visit https://www.fathomevents.com/events/Mother-Teresa-No-Greater-Love and use your zip code or city for theaters showing the film near you.

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For Fans of the 1977 Universal Studios film Smokey and the Bandit

Below are some gems I have found recently for fans of the 1977 film “Smokey and the Bandit” starring Burt Reynolds, Sally Fields, Jackie Gleason and Jerry Reed. Enjoy!

‘Smokey and the Bandit’: 13 reasons we still love the 1977 comedy classic by Nola.com

The Most Memorable Quotes From Smokey And The Bandit by Screenrant

Why ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ Was the Ultimate Burt Reynolds Vehicle by Rolling Stone Magazine

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Score Broward | Free Workshops!

You can sign up for one or all workshops by checking each box individually. You must let us know if you will be attending in-person or via zoom.

August 11 – Build & Improve Your Social Media

August 18 – LinkedIn Fitness

August 25 – Branding | Creating Your Identity

September 1 – Youtube | Boost Your Influence

September 8 – Network, network, network! Enjoy this open networking event with a brief panel to answer your questions – LIVE!

Check out “Mindset: Daily Motivational Speeches App”

This app has been a game changer for me because it has a good amount of motivational audio clips from the likes of Ziglar, Rohn, Brown and newcomer Marcus Taylor. I prefer the “powerful” setting once you download this app. Here’s some information about the app:

Mindset is designed to improve your life by sharing motivation, inspiration, eye-opening ideas, positivity, productivity, self-care strategies and more. Proven by the millions of listeners who have elevated these speeches to the top, Mindset is an expertly curated platform, offering the motivational audios you love.

The app is the perfect entry point for those seeking life improvements, but also includes next-level thinking, training, and ideas for those wanting to speed up their success. Speeches and playlists are available at varying lengths to fit for quick motivation, as well as to guide those looking for morning routines, workout inspiration, motivation to study, and energy to get things done.